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Tide Calendars
2014 Tide Calendar
Bill Roeckers Fish and Tide Calendar
Great information, super good looks, and a ton of extras for anglers are in the new edition, the 16th calendar from Oceanic Productions and

What's in the calendar? Fishing-friendly features like the long range record fish of the year, common hook knots and world records. And a lot more, like free fishing days for kids, regular holidays, equinoxes, moon phases and tidal corrections fore San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Barbara, with those famous, copyrighted Tidelines™.

Want to know how your big fish compares with the other notable tuna, yellowtail, halibut, wahoo, dorado or other species? Check out the long range record fish page!
Every angler, surfer, boater or waterman needs a calendar that shows the moon phases, tide stages and sunrise and sunset times.
New digital photos by Bill Roecker and the southland's best fishing photographers will pull you right up to the rail with bright colors, incredible detail and the sleek lines and big shoulders of hard-fighting gamefish.
For photo clarity and eye-popping color, only Bill Roecker's Oceanic Productions and offers an all-digital Sportfishing Calendar.