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Hoop Netting Supplies
Promar Headlight
Water resistant. long battery life, Long lasting LED, uses 3 AAA batteries

Mustad Activate
Activate is a concentrated bait attractant. Soak a sponge full of it and place it your hoop net. Lobster love it!

Reflective Tape
Makes it much easier to spot your hoop-net float on those dark nights on the ocean. Just apply some reflective tape to your float, then it will show up much better with a flashlight.

Bait Cage
Use this bait cage to keep them from stealing your bait. Zip-tie it to the bottom of your hoop net.

Promar Eclipse Kit
for Eclipse Nets
For use with the Promar Eclipse nets. Contains 100' braided rope, 5" bridle float, 4-arm harness, and a commercial marker float.

Promar Hoop Net Pro Kit
the things you need
Kit contains 75' of braided rope, 6" glowstick, bait cage, and a commercial marker float.

Float for Hoop Netting
Perfect float to keep the end of your hoop net rope at the surface, so you can find it and pull it. Made by Promar.

Rope for Hoop Nets
75' of braided poly rope, yellow color for visibility.

Danielson Conical Hoop Net
Conical Net
Excellent conical net for hoop-netting lobster. Increase your catch with the conical shape.

Promar Flat Hoop Net
Lobster, Crab, Pier Landing Net
Promar 36" Deluxe Hoop Net
Unsurpassed in quality and proven to catch more, these are the nets that anglers have asked for by name. These patented exclusive nets are ideal for catching crabs, lobsters, or landing fish from a boat, pier, bridge, or other overhanging structure. The extra deep design and spook-proof polyethylene netting is extremely efffective in preventing the escape of your catch. Zinc galvanized steel construction prevents rust on upper and lower rings. This net comes with 100' of rope and 2 floats, at no additional cost.

NOTE: This net is excellent as a landing net from a pier, for big fish such as halibut.

Promar Eclipse Hoop Net
Collapsible Conical Net
Promar 36" Eclipse Hoop Net
Innovatively designed with 3 concentric rings, the Promar Eclipse Hoop Net features a smaller 20" ring on top with a larger 36" base ring and a 10" bait pouch ring in the center of the net. This conical style hoop net stands on 4 solid steel rods which can be easily detached, collapsing the hoop net for easy storage. This design is extremely effective in preventing the escape of your catch, allowing for longer soak times These nets also feature the patented Promar Bait Pouch in the center.


Promar Ambush Hoop Net
Conical Net
Stealthy Dark Blue Vinyl Coated Steel, 6 Fixed Welded Support Posts, Weighted Bait Ring and Bait Pouch, Comes with Bridle Harness and Bridle Float