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Downriggers- Outriggers- Rod Holders
Shimano PowerPro Downrigger Line
100 yd. Spool
Whether running deep with trolling weights, planer devices or downriggers (manual or electric), PowerPro delivers the sensitivity, strength, near zero stretch and silence needed to CATCH MORE!

Eliminates electrostatic hum of steel downrigger cable
Delivers strength needed to securely hold the cannonball in place
Small diameter minimizes blowback

"All the sounds of earth are like music"...but the electrostatic hum of a downrigger's steel cable may not be music to an angler's ears. Sometimes the best sound is no sound at all.

Electrostatic hums
An electric current, however slight, is generated as friction occurs between the water and the downrigger cable while trolling. This current is defined as "electrostatic hum." When trolling with downrigger cables at depth, fish are acutely sensitive to these electric impulses through their lateral lines. Over the past century, studies have proven that all fish react differently to these electrical currents. The only consistent factor is that the majority of all game fish are attracted to positive ions (anodes) and shy away from negative ions (cathodes). Downrigger cables produce positive or negative ions depending on many factors: salinity, trolling speed, minerals in the water, and even depth. How is this resolved? PowerPro...

Replacing your downrigger cable with PowerPro Downrigger and you will eliminate the "electrostatic hum" produced by typical downrigger cables. Not only will you have greater confidence in your presentation, but with PowerPro's small diameter you may be able to use less lead to get your baits to depth! Couple with PowerPro's Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) which increases durability and abrasion resistance, you will have PowerPro on your Downriggers for years to come.

Sea-Dog Rod Holder
ABS Flush-Mount Rod Holder
Reasonably-priced Rod Holders.

Cannon Offshore Line Release
Line Release
Quick and easy to set even on turbulent waters; it won’t damage your line by twisting, winding or looping. Spring-loaded “clothespin” design allows for all types of fishing.
Part Number: 2250106

Cannon Uni-Line Release
Downrigger Release
Two adjustment points allow tension settings from 2 to 22 lbs. Perfect for slow trolling with live baits or going after light-hitting species. Easy one-hand tension release for use on any test line in saltwater or freshwater.
Part Number: 2250009

Aftco Outrigger Clips OR-1
Roller-Troller (2 pack)
The AFTCO Roller-Troller Outrigger Clip helps
you position a trolling lure from an outrigger
by simply reeling in or letting
out line right through the clip, where
the line rides safely on a roller that features
silky-smooth action. The clip’s “improved”
micro-tension adjustment is positive yet
sensitive over a wide range of settings,
and once the tension is set, our precision-engineered
latching system releases your line repeatedly at exactly the same pull
to assure fewer missed strikes and less broken line and gear.

Aftco Flat Line Trip
Aftco FL-1 Flat Line Clip- The original clip with the stainless clip and thumb screw tension adjustment knob. Also Available with Suction Cup mount.