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Books & DVDS
Instructional DVDs
GPS numbers, How-To info
We are now the agents for the Danny Jackson video series, originally made by master videographer Danny Jackson and featuring such genuine experts as Mark Wisch, Don Brockman, and Dave Hansen. These DVDs give you all the GPS locations to the good spots, plus lots of how-to information. They also give shots of the shoreline, so you can see how the shore should look when you are in the right place. They show shots of the fish finder screen, so you can see how the underwater structure will look on your meter. They are a HUGE help to finding the good spots and catching more fish.

The series of Santa Monica Bay, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Horseshoe Hotspots, Orange County Coastal, and San Diego Coastal will cover the coastal areas of Southern California.
The series of Catalina Island, San Clemente Island, and the Coronado Islands deal with the local islands.
The series of Northwest Baja, Destination East Cape, and Destination La Paz covers areas of Mexico.
The How To...Video Seminar gives lots of informational tips.
The Candy Bait Original and Candy Bait II-the Sequel tell you how to catch and use your own live squid, for results with white sea bass, yellowtail, and other species.

Hoopin' It Up Book
By Jim Salazar
Hoopin’ It Up will reduce your learning curve and have you enjoying your first lobster dinner in no time at all! This book will show you how to rig your nets and pull up your lobsters, and how to cook them with some great recipes

Hoopin’ It Up contains all the best rigging and techniques to catch more lobster. If you want to learn how, or increase your catch, this book is for you.”

—Pete Gray

“Let’s Talk Hook-up”

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“Jim Salazar is California’s recreational lobster guru, and his no-nonsense how-to guide packs all the know-how needed to harvest your own lobster and crab feasts. Buy this book—then stock up on melted butter!”

—Paul Lebowitz

Kayak Editor

Western Outdoor News

“With Jim Salazar’s book, you will not waste time trying to figure out how to catch lobsters on your own. He covers all the rigging techniques and where and when to hoop in an easy-to-understand format that will have you catching lobsters and having fun in no time.”

—Dave Pfeiffer