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Bait Catchers
5 hook Squid Catcher
Catch Squid for Bait Quicker
The Lead Masters five hook squid catcher is perfect for catching those large or small squid. Just yo yo the squid rig and reel those babies in.

Promar Minnow and Crawfish Steel Trap
This proven trap features a two piece design for easy access and removal of catch. Heavy-duty steel mesh construction and vinyl coated for extra protection. Includes spring clip closure. 15" Trap Extension also available.


Promar Umbrella Dip Net
The ideal dip net for catching bait! Features strong Ace Nylon netting on a galvanized steel frame. Spring-loaded frame pops the net open upon demand. Exclusively designed hemmed edges inusre your catch will stay in the net. Comes complete with 25ft of rope.
Very good for catching bay smelt.

Smitty's Bait Shaker
Easy Release
Clever design to release bait from Sabiki or similar hooks. Easy to use.

Sabiki Rig
Mustad Piscator
These are Mustad Piscator Rigs, great for making bait.

Sabiki Rigs
Larger sizes of the Ahi bait catchers. Great for making mackeral.

Sabiki Rig
Simple, lightweight rigs of multiple hooks with flash/feathers on a leader. Great for making bait.

Sabiki Rig
Hayabusa "Hot Hooks"
Multiple hooks on a monofilament leader, perfect for making bait on your own boat, or on the sport boats and long range boats. In several sizes and pound-tests.